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OLD September and October 2002

October 24, 2002 .-------------------------------------------------------------------
Finally...THE end all Interviews!!

Lots of News today!! Possibly all the hard work I've poured into the site for the last 2+ years has finally paid off. Tuesday night I received an letter/email from Irwin M. Fletcher himself...Mr. Chevy Chase. Now I cannot reveal how this came about, and in actuality, I fell ass backwards into this. Just dumb luck. But it is 100% legit. Chevy sent me and extremely nice and decently thoughtful letter and has agreed to do an interview with us. So once again...I am providing the community of the chance to submit your Fletch questions and I will pick some of the good ones. Submit them on the message board in THIS TOPIC.


Chevy let me know that he's not at the moment doing Fletch Won. "for the record, I am not making any movie by that name (Fletch Won) with those actors. Wish I were, but I can't, for the life of me, figure out how you would hear such an apocryphal thing." I take that as a positive statement actually. He's simply saying he's not currently doing it. But he hasn't been contacted because the movie is still probably a little less than a year from pre-production. The "( I ) wish I were" part gives us all hope that when Kevin does contact him, they can put the past behind them and create one hell of a movie.

Chevy also informed me that what most of us feared is true. He was amazed on how he is misrepresented in the media. He sited an example for me..."It amazes me how inaccurate stuff written about me is, even in "reputable" papers or magazines, (not to mention books like the recent Shales' SNL "quotes"). An example: when I related the story about me and Billy fighting, I specifically said, I guess he wanted "to take me down a couple of rungs," an expression referring to my egotism at the time, back in '78,
or whenever. The book only quotes, "...take me down" period. You can see the difference in what the reader might infer. The former, my actual quote, doesn't suggest, as does the latter, that Bill wanted to physically fight. But Shales wants the reader to think that that was what I was saying, so he leaves out two simple words."

Hearing that, as a fan,  really disappoints me. That is why I've wanted to do this interview so badly. I want to give Chevy the chance to tell his side, showing him in a positive light and find out some goodies about our favorite movies...Fletch and Fletch Lives.

Creamy Italian was kind enough to submit a G. Gordon Liddy drawing for us. Check it out by going to the "Draw Fletch" Section.

And last but not least, in an equally huge story....I've filed all the June, July, and August Fletch news in the Records Room -B1

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October 11, 2002 .-------------------------------------------------------------------
Well Chevy has been in the news all this week, which should be a good thing. Right? Well actually not. A new book called Live from New York: An Uncensored History of Saturday Night Live (by Tom Shales &James Andrew Miller) has hit book stores to mixed reviews. Mixed of course being "Anti-Chevy" or "Pro-Chevy"? Chat about the SNL book on our Message Board
As most of you might have heard, the Friars Club and Comedy Central Roasted Chevy Chase on September 28th. However, when Chevy Chase received the great honor of being roasted by the Friars Club, none of his friends was there to see it. Apparently, the "comedians" who were there said extremely nasty things about him. It is scheduled to air on December 1st.

Nick, was kind enough to provide us with this article that has some of the nasty insults that the "comedians" and Chevy said to each other. As well as let us in on how much Chevy's charity banked for the abuse. Click on the image to the right to read it. Chat about the Roast in our Message Board

Chevy signs our Caddyshack posters

Chevy Chase Signing

Well the long anticipated Private Autograph Session we had with Chevy Chase finally took place on Monday (Oct. 7th). Everything went great besides the fact that he chose for some reason not to sign some of the personalization (Be the Ball, etc). Word is, Chevy was in good spirits and was very happy with the way things went which is a positive sign that another signing is in the future. Items are more than likely in transit to you now (if you haven't received them already). I would like to start a testimonials page so that people will feel comfortable purchasing the signed merchandize from this site. So if at all possible, please send me pictures of YOU with your signed stuff and a little testimonial about your experience dealing with I'd appreciate it. Signed Chevy Chase Merchandize is still available. Head over to the Autograph page to check out the goods as well as pictures of Chevy from Monday's signing.

Gregory McDonald's Question of the week was posted by Jake "Where did you come up with him (Flynn)? And why such a delay between the last Flynn book, and the one on the way next summer?" Although not a Fletch question, McDonald lets us in on some interesting info as always. Read and post your comments..

And finally, an awesome "Hot As a Pistol" trade ad popped up on ebay that I thought everyone would like to see. It promotes the fact that Fletch raked in $30,903,625 in the first 24 days.

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September 26, 2002 .-----------------------------------------------------------------
Lee Talks Fletch on Last Call

For the first time, that I've seen at least, Jason Lee talked about Fletch Won on TV. And we owe that to Carson Daly. Daly asked Lee whether the Fletch movies are gonna happen and rapidly fired Fletch questions at him. Lee gave some great info about the project and why he's doing all this publicity. I've typed it all out for you..Check it out HERE

I've re-vamped the "Where Are They Now?" section to the way I always envisioned it to be. I have done my very best to get the most recent pictures I can find of our favorite Fletch stars. I'll have more "Where Are they Now" in the upcoming future. But check it out and let me know what you think.

CHEVY CHASE SIGNING UPDATE - No real news to report other than I spoke with Superstar Greetings last Friday and they told me they are calling Chevy's assistant almost everyday over the date and every time they get told that they will get back to them soon with a date. SSG is optimistic that a call could come tomorrow saying "Chevy's ready to do it next week." Keep your fingers crossed. Everyone who has placed orders, they are still filed and people who are looking to get something from the me ASAP incase the call for the signing comes out of the blue.

Gregory McDonald's Question of the week was posted by Jake "What were some of his favorite books, including ones that he has penned?" McDonald lets us in on some interesting info as always. Read and post your comments Here.

And finally, SkyJude has informed me that he's updated the look of his "Fletch UK: As Far As You Know" site. Looks great...check it out!

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September 1, 2002 .--------------------------------------------------------------------

CHEVY CHASE SIGNING UPDATE - Chevy is currently vacationing with his family in Italy. We will know an exact date when he returns later this week. Its still not too late to get me your autograph order... go HERE

Well, I have done it again. I have found yet another CUT SCENE from a movie I like to call 'Fletch'...(pause, until applause dies down) Yet another reason why we need a SE:DVD. In this cut scene, it appears that Fletch takes his crack at Hockey too. He's wearing #31 for the La Kings. It doesn't appear to be a dream sequence like the Lakers or Dodgers scene was. Here he is in the office, with Frank. His hair looks messed and sweaty.
So it is probable that he has just returned from playing. He's wearing the full uniform (jersey, pants, and pads). Could he have been playing with some street kids? Might explain why he's so skillful skating during the Baba au Rum beach scene.

Gregory McDonald's Question of the week was posted by Jake "Who were some of the actors that wanted to play Fletch in the original film, and do you have anyone in mind for the upcoming movie?" McDonald lets us in on some interesting info. Read and post your comments here.

I was cleaning my room the other day (with all the memorabilia I have, dusting takes hours) when I noticed I'd clumped some stuff together that I thought would make a great picture. I fixed it up a little and snapped it with the digital camera. Might make a nice background if anyone is interested. It'll be in the download section with the rest of the wallpaper.

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