For the First time anywhere....



Imagine a Fletch SE DVD, with cut scenes, outtakes and commentary from guys like Chevy Chase, Tim Matheson, or even Gregory McDonald. BTW- If this was done sooner, Michael Ritchie could have been immortalized forever on the Fletch commentary before he died.
This can't be put off any longer!

Fletch in a LA Kings  Cut Scene
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Fletch flies into the crowd...but when?

But we still need signatures below for a Fletch: Special Edition DVD!
(We can make this happen)

Please do your fellow Fletch Fans a favor and get all the Fletch Fans you know to sign it..

Come on, all you have to do is contact them and tell them to come to this page to sign the petition. It only takes a minute to fill out, and I'm sure you know people that would want to see the cut scenes as much as we do.  Get on Facebook and post a status about it, visit Twitter and tweet this page, send a mass text message to all your Fletch loving friends...or better yet...give them a call on the telephone like they did in the good old days!  Well, nowadays you can even use conference calling services to tell them all about it at once.  Anyway, I don't care how you do it, just please pass the word!
Lets get the Fletch world going again!!!!

Fletch eats a sub on Calculus' bed....why are they keeping this from us?

This Petition will be sent to Universal where they will be used to determine the fate of future Fletch DVDs!

UPDATE: Our Petition Made a Difference! I was contacted by Universal Studios to let me know they were aware of our petition and a few months later...

Fletch Lives DVD came out September 2nd!

Click Here to sign the Fletch: Special Edition
DVD Petition