Anyone with a recent internet explorer is listening to "When will I see you again"

1916 - 2002

He was simply the GREATEST announcer in sports...ever.
This site is dedicated to "Old Golden Throat," Chick Hearn. A man who gave fans his 'words eye view' for 42 years, and lived life to the fullest.
Chickie will be immortalized in the greatest comedies of all time for
one of the most memorable scenes...

How about Fletch?

"He's actually 6'5", with the afro 6'9", pretty good dribbler. Comes in deep, his club behind by one point at this stage. Fletch comes in, PUTS THE BALL THROUGH THE LEGS!! What a GREAT PLAY! And he puts it up and in...the Lakers have the lead! Whoa! Was that some kind of a play! You know this gritty kid from the streets of Harlem really creates excitement. $4 million dollars a year, that's true, but he earns every nickel of it. Look at how he shakes off 4 or 5 defenders...WITH EASE!...  

Fletch. He truly defines grace under pressure."

Chick Hearn, Fletch 1985

The Voice of the Lakers is now silenced...85 years...and still too soon
This one is in the refrigerator..
Rest in Peace Chick...
We'll Miss You!

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